Creative simulation games are lovingly developed by Bossa Studios. The surgeon simulator is created by the developer as Nigel Burke has gloved the players. the simulation game which is coming next is very much unusual and is called I am Bread which requires a transformation of pieces of bread into toasts by the players.

Fan inputs are required by Bossa Studios to release the new title. It is going to start on October 30, on Wednesday as prototypes are launched for three animal-themed games.

In the Summer 2019 Pigeon Simulator which is one of the latest games from was announced previously. A pigeon features the simulation game who is on its adventure daily. Unfortunately, there are various enemies which makes life difficult as pigeons are not wanted on their respective streets. Enjoyment of the game can be done through co-op or solo.

A co-op game that is locally based called Trash Bandits features foxes. There is a race against the time by the gamers to collect garbage in huge quantities so that the winner is crowned.

A player is allowed to be a goldfish in I Am Fish. A new owner is there for the goldfish which has been taken into captivity. Freedom is the only thing that is wished by the innocent goldfish as they navigate with the help of the players to reach the ocean-going through various kinds of hazards.

A short video on Youtube features all the three games. The simulation games which are pretty much unusual as the interest of the gamers lies in learning the games more and more, as a Livestream is hosted by Bossa Studios on Wednesday on October 30 on the Twitch Channel of Bossa Studio.

It not only helps in the way that more footage is seen by the gamers, but the developers will also be interviewed.

One can play all the three games free which are available on Twitch after the streaming of Live Relay Race on October, 30, Wednesday at 15:00 (GMT). A fish, pigeon and a fox will feature in the race as they are the stars in all the three games which are a prototype.

One can play and download the three simulation games which are available on the websites of Bossa Presents till November 28 and starts from October 30. Regarding the test drives for the prototype games, the gamers are given a time of one month.

Since the prototype games are free, the gamers are encouraged by the developers so that they get the maximum number of feedbacks.

The feedbacks that are received are of prime importance as it is a crucial factor in deciding upon the transformation of a game into a full game. The revelation of the release date regarding the finished product will not be there until the announcement of the winner.

The newsletter ‘Club Bossa’ can be signed by the gamers si that the latest news can be heard regarding the game prototypes which are coming up from Bossa Studios.


Rafael Schneider

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