Song RE UPP by THE DoEe

The emerging rap and RnB singer, and the father of two ThE DoEe has released three songs on spotify that focus on hardcore rapping about common crisis of daily life.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Sacramento, Nov 6, 2019 ( – When it is time to check out some new talent, spotify king ThE DoEe’s rap skill and original songs are creating buzz lately. The passionate rap/ rnb singer is excelling with time to get to the top. He released three new songs RE UPP‘, ‘I GO Crazieand ‘Latlie’ on spotify that are well received by the spotify users. All these three songs have different aspects to show about life.

ThE DoEe, the father of two and a worker makes music about his daily struggle that is relatable on a large scale with others. He gets inspirations to create such good music from his own life. Unlike other artists, he had to work to make ends meet yet never let the fire of passion for music give out. He struggled but never gave up on music that was his motivation and escape as well. His story is largely reflected in his songs.

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The first song of his album ‘ Free Agent’ is Latliewhich is a groovy song with high tempo and bass. With the touch of melodic rhythm and beats merging with strong rap will blow you mind.  For him dignity is more precious than money and so he makes this song about passion and dedication towards it. Another song of ThE DoEe’s album is ‘I GO Crazie’ which is a unique and peppy song. He released another R&B/ rap song ‘RE UPP’ that shares his vision about life. There is no other way success without hard work. Strong will and no distraction is the motto of this song that really motivates. Listen these songs on spotify.

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Song Latlie by THE DoEeSong I GO Crazie by THE DoEe

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