The Storm (Original Mix)

The fans of DJ Mairu recently got a surprise as he released new songs on Soundcloud. The Storm (Original Mix)’ and ‘Waiting’ are two amazing instrumental soundscapes from the tracklist that received worldwide popularity in a few days. The EDM artist is on the right road to be capable of showing up on the charts with his recent blockbusters.

The UK based DJ & producer DJ Mairu is an atypical versatile instrumentalist who is successfully entertaining his audience and melophiles all around the world with top-notch hypnotic drum and club beats. He had been an enthusiast for music from a young age. He turned into an aesthetic after augmenting interest in music through years of learning and practicing guitar. He gradually flourished his artistry in mixing and fashioning popular electronic music beats into masterpieces.

DJ MairuDJ Mairu is quite famous for his signature style of instrumental musical work globally. He produces exceptionally unique beats concocted with the bassline and rhythms of drum & bass, house, and breaks. The Storm (Original Mix)’, ‘Waiting’ and ‘Who Broke Disco (right) are the lead tracks among all the new productions of his music. The first two tracks have an interesting hook with hyped synth tunes. ‘Who Broke Disco (right)’ is pervaded with dope disco beats and house mix bassline that will let you have a Saturday romp night any day and anywhere.

He has recorded all these instrumental songs under the label of MAIRU BEATS. Apart from energetic tracks, he produced some numbers on his playlist that are equally popular among the EDM lovers. He is thriving both as a DJ and EDM artist from the heart of the United Kingdom. It is hard to cherry-pick one or two electronic dance numbers from the listicle. Find him on Instagram for details of his upcoming events.


To visit his SoundCloud profile, go through the below link :

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