To say in a brief, the tracks engineered by DB are the exact ones that can help you go through a tough day with confidence and attitude. The tracks have the strength to set your mind free and make you ready for any endeavor. The tracks are designed with the utmost passion and intensity that is pretty audible throughout the run of the musical projects. Tracks like ‘Thief For Hire’, ‘Tickle The Haze’, ‘Liquid Black’, and ‘Bending Up’ have made people fall in love with the impeccable musicianship of the artists. But the tracks that have been successful in garnering the most attraction are ‘Roll & Bump’ and ‘Floating’. Crafted with some of the richest ingredients of music-making, these tracks are gems of the genre of Electronic music.

Roll & Bump’ begins with a soft instrumental flow that soon catches with the artistic impression surrounding the vocal performance. A dreamlike setting keeps the listeners engaged throughout the entire run of the track and never lets the quality of the musical structure fall. The creativity pouring down the structural development are pure bliss and fairly consistent. The unpredictable twists and turns have led the track towards immense success that just cannot be argued.

Floating’, on the other hand, is driven by a theme like flow and toys with experimental production skills. The track is entertaining to its core and the amount of energy possessed within the musical elements is simply breathtaking to witness. There is a thread connecting both the tracks and that is the amazing production by DB. This is the kind of music that makes you feel energetic and soothing at the same time. Listen to more by tuning in to SoundCloud. Also follow DB on Facebook and visit the official website for other queries.

To listen the songs of  ‘DB at Vine Street Records’  visit the given link below:

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