The question that is doing the rounds is that whether there is a secret hook up taking place between Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner as both of them are inseparable at this moment. This is what is exclusively told by the sources to Radar Online. It has been 19 months approximately that Travis and Kylie are together and they also have a daughter who is called Stormi Webster and will be very soon going to be 20 years old. there has been surprising, sadness and shock among fans when the announcement came from Kylie that a break was taken by her along with Travis and it may so happen that there is a difficult time in the family. Cheating rumors have plagued Travis and it was said at one point that the account on Instagram has been taken offline so that his love towards Kylie is proved. Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Can’t Stay Away From Each Other


Although the struggle is faced by young people, they are liked by people when they are together and they are hoping that things work out between them for the sake of the family, especially for the little girl, Stormi. Although, it has been suggested in the reports that an excellent co-parenting job is done by the two still there is nothing close to maintain strong bonds and family unity which are built on respect and mutual love.


It has been reported by Radar Online, that Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are completely inseparable at this moment.


It was not intended by either of the two and everything happened organically as between them there is an extreme attraction that still exists and this chemistry cannot be found with others.


The statement that was made is like an explanation because after the split of the couple in October a public announcement was made as rumors surround Kylie regarding her hook up with Drake when she met Travis at the Astroworld festival where the 22-year-old billionaire was referred by him as his wife.


The report by Radar Online can be seen later.


It has been wished by fans that both are back together and get over those instances which can create a rift, to start with. Both Kylie and Travis are very young and several adjustments are made for the fact so that they can raise their daughter and become exclusive with each other.


It is believed by fans that they will make it and hope for the fact that even if a break is needed to see for a fact that whether other people suits them better, then they can make a comeback to each other’s lives and have the realization that they possess the real deal.


What are the fans take on this matter? Do Kylie and Travis have something for each other which they owe mutually and give another try to the relationship as they owe it to Stormi. 

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