Keyz Emmanuels Something exciting to take the breath away of all the Afrobeat fans – Keyz Emmanuels is offering the audience something to remember for a long time. The effort put into the track ‘Imabong’ has helped in presenting it in a unique way that is pretty mesmerizing. The smallest of the facts has been given attention and placed perfectly within the structural development. The experimental sound is captivating in so many ways, blending the richest elements of the genre and introducing the artist as someone to watch out for.


This particular genre has always had something new to offer and Imabong’ is also no different. The refreshing vibes strike with immense pleasure and enchant the ears with some delicate melody. Engineered under the self-owned Kezy Records, this is one of his most engaging tracks. The sound is authentic and has a smooth flow to it, accompanied by mellow beats that are hard to resist. The elements of openness of the music have attracted one and all and the impact of Keyz Emmanuels cannot be neglected at all.


Being the architect behind ‘Fi Mi Le’ and ‘Your Man’, it was pretty expected from Keyz Emmanuels that he would deliver something more entrancing and fascinating. The expressive beats of ‘Imabong’ demand the attention of the audience and worth investing your time. The soundscape, the backdrop, and the synths – everything is just apt and to-the-point. You can listen to this renowned artist through Spotify. And, also get in touch with him on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Visit here to listen to the song of Keyz:

Jacklyn Ryan

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