Carver The Kid skillfully places himself in the lineage of talented rappers who craft some of the most extraordinary soundscapes in hip-hop. The rapper evokes the aura if hip-hop perfectly in his soundtracks and leaves a good impression about his artistic approach. The artist builds his records based on his self-sufficiency and draws innumerable attention with his endless catchy rhymes. His voice remains clear throughout and allows moments to the listeners to embrace his striking rap personality. The latest projects speak volumes regarding the rappers effortless high caliber musicality and the songs are sure to list higher on the listener’s playlist.


The tracks ‘Kodak’ and ‘220am’ give a clear indication about Carver The Kid’s absolutely distinctive style and confidence. Beginning with a slightly instrumental set up, the song is quickly overtaken by the artist’s seamless rap flow that from the very first beat sounds appealing and catchy. The artist goes hard throughout the entire length of the songs and effectively raps with an outstanding hip-hop vibe to finish the songs with much impact. Build under the label TVMG, the songs connect well with the individuality of the artist and indeed surprises the listeners with its smart flows. Other notable elements in the tracks ‘Kodak’ and ‘220am’ include the trendy musical beats that make the rapper’s voice stand out with mass appeal.

Coming from Brockton, Carver The Kid is a veteran lover and a fighter who believes in working hard towards his music and composes them wholeheartedly based on his real life. The artist actually knows how to prove a song hit and actually has the power to rap relentlessly without much effort. There are an ongoing vibrancy and intensity in his performance that makes the whole audio journey even more powerful. Listen to the songs on Soundcloud and to know more about the rapper follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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