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Yung Nabii has slain the audience with his mesmerizing artistry in the song ‘TruthBeSaid’ which has got oodles of melody. The young rapper has been instrumental in setting up a state of the art production house called ‘Yung Nabii Music’ which churns out amazing music. The journey in the musical arena started at an early age for the Charelston rapper and always wanted to make it very big. He always wanted to create an eclectic appeal that would transcend across geographical boundaries. He has delivered relatable music which is based on his real-life experiences. He always wanted to create a new wave that would have a wide-ranging impact. Other memorable songs by the singer are ‘BlueBandsStash’, ‘Everything’s Alright’, ‘NeverToMuch’ and ‘AtWhatCost’. You can check out the most interesting posts by visiting the Facebook profile of the singer.


In the song TruthBeSaid’ by the flamboyant singer Yung Nabii there are oodles of melody that makes the soundscape ethereal. There are dashes of reality in the song which has got flickers of instrumentation. The vibrancy in the song is mind-boggling which has left an indelible impression in the mind of the listeners. The catchy vibes come with a touch of subtle funk that makes it even more enticing. One can glance through the interesting pictures and videos of the singer by plugging on to his Instagram profile.

Yung Nabii, in his song ‘TruthBeSaid’ has profoundly incorporated a lot of bounce that rejuvenates the audience’s mood. The song has a compelling hook which is evident in the indomitable vocal style of delivery. The stunning performance is enhanced by the tremendous song-writing and composition which has bedazzled the audience. One can listen to the magical songs sung by the singer by logging onto major trending platforms like Soundcloud.


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