A very upsetting event happened at the Atlanta restaurant Old Lady Gang. There had been a random shooting at the exclusive restaurant run by the current star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kandi Burruss Is Devastated After The Shooting At The Old Lady Gang Restaurant where three people were shot at as it is reported.

A clear statement by the East Point Police captain, Allyn Glover, suggested that the gruesome incident happened on Friday night when a man entered inside the restaurant pointing his gun at another man.

Two onlookers were shot before knowing what was actually happening. The three bystanders nearly escaped death with an injury and a life-long scarring trauma as they were gunned down by a stranger. The victims have treated the wounds and are left with any life threats at present.

Kandi Burruss has spoken out about the tragedy as she seems to be gravely perturbed. Grammy winner says that her family and she are totally devastated by such obnoxious incident that took place at Old Lady Gang (OLG) in Camp Creek, on the evening of February 14th, a night that was meant to be celebrated in the name of love and amity. It was totally unexpected and certainly not the desired way that things should have gone down that evening.

She continued to speak in her message, saying that all of their prayers go out to each and every spectator and the victims of the awful event and will pray to keep them in the best of their health forever. The whole thing is being investigated and Kandi Burruss is cooperating with the law for the inquiry.

She does not forget to mention that, as an African-American business owner, it is her primary goal to get the community more involved bringing more employments, uplifting the standards of living with superior quality dining, and a positive experience that will reshape Atlanta in a great way. The unforeseen violent act that occurred at the restaurant does not, in any way, replicate the values of OLG.

She does not forget to embrace all the love and supports she is garnering that is on her way after the horrible experience. She has also encouraged her fans and followers to share any sort of information about this event and talk to law enforcement at the very moment.

People are showing all the supports to heart balm the African-American icon and assure her that her business will not get hampered in any way as they will still show up.

S random follower comments on her post that whenever she comes to Atlanta, she spends some time at OLG. Another individual says that the evening of 14th February might be a black day in Kandi Burruss’s life but that does not evoke any sort of negativity towards her image. They all will go to a beautiful place.

Another one says that no one can miss the most happening spot in the city where everyone feels like home. Her parents are praying for the victims.

The whole of Instagram is overflowed with kind wishes for Kandi Burruss and praying for their prosperity and safety. People are showing support and generosity to all the family members of the victims.

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