This is the year 2020 and the gaming genre of battle royale is still gaining strength. Till the time one squad or a player remains enough of battling in the game cannot satisfy the gamers. The formula is a successful one that has been taken and run away by many players. In this space, PUBG was one of the earliest games. The game has set a pretty high bar for it, as this fact can be attributed to its addicting nature and authentic combat. It is quite a satisfying feeling for the man standing last irrespective of the fact the number of matches played by you. PUBG’s Update 6.2 Is Now Live On Test Servers And Has Added A New Team Deathmatch Mode.

The game now belongs to its updated version of 6.2. New content and lots of improvement are brought by the new version and the most prominent of them is the mode of 8v8 Team Deathmatch. It is quite a change from the previous experience of the PUBG players, but it is a good thing. It is very cool on the part of the developer as initiatives are taken by them to bring out a new model. It is proof of the fact that they are resting upon their past laurels. On the contrary, they want to make the game battle royale more amazing so that it stands out from the lot. The new mode of 8v8 can do the trick on paper.

Out of the eight loadouts which are different from each other players have the option to select among them. Friendly fire won’t be there and it is a great thing if you are slightly quicker on the trigger. The mistakes are not going to be costly for the team hopefully. Each player has got health generation as it will get refilled if you get assists and kills. The duration for each match is 10 minutes or the first team is successful in getting 50 kills.

On the whole, PUBG has a great addition to this new mode. It is sure for the fact that players will probably be there who still give preference to the portion of battle royale as PUBG has started with this objective only. But still, it is a good thing to see that different audiences are catered by PUBG Corporation temporarily at least. One can bet for the fact that there will be interested users in tons that are looking forward to the game’s new mode to try out something different. If things go well and are successful enough, it is not at all surprising to see that additional mode is added by the developers and move in the forward direction.

Nevertheless, it has to be mentioned that battle royale is still in target for the developers. The developers are not going to change the core gameplay as there is lots of passion among many gamers about the game still now. The developers are constantly making improvements as it is a testament to them and this the main reason why PUBG is still thriving. It is going to be a lot of fun to look forward to what is the next thing that is coming out.

Rafael Schneider

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