Mondo Lafiet

The songs produced by the Mondo Lafiet have introduced him as an artist, who is not bound by musical limitations. His creative approach towards music-making is blissfully alleviating and the prime example of which is his latest EP BEATS EP VOL 1. Luminously soothing, each of the tracks of this EP fills the ambiance with fascinating musical elements that hits the soul. The unexpected twist of musical events, as one experience while going through the tracks is simply ecstatic, expressing the creative brilliance of the Minnesota independent artist perfectly.

BEATS EP VOL 1The traditional ingredients of the hip hop genre have been fused into ‘Dreams money can buy’, making it the perfect introductory track for such an awesome EP. The progressive beats of the track have added the much-needed modern vibes to the arrangement. The second track of the EP, ‘Feel’ is an endless journey of supreme musicality that one can hardly get enough of. The musicianship of the artist reaches the summit in this track, making the audience fall in love with him. The calmness of the genre gets introduced through the third track of ‘BEATS EP VOL 1’, ‘The way you are’. This track is designed with some of the richest atoms of the genre, turning it to be the most satisfying example of the awesomeness of the genre.

A part of me’ carries forward the majestic musicality; inviting the listeners to go through the structural intricacies and helping them savor the true essence of the supreme artistry of Mondo Lafiet. This magical collection comes to an end through the rhythmical magnificence of the track ‘3 AM’, providing the perfect end to the supreme progression of the entire collection. You can listen to this and more from the artist on SoundCloud and YouTube. To know more about the artist, you can follow him on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages.

To visit  Mondo Lafiet’s EP on SoundCloud, go through the below link :

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