Hip hop is a culturally opulent genre initially started as a way of expression of the underground movement in the African-American community has now captivated the souls of music enthusiasts all over the globe. And over the years it has continued to grow musically with the help of aspiring artists like XOgenesis, whose latest single Two Twins’ displays his fiery performance making it euphoric which has his fans listening to it on repeat. Deriving inspiration from his hometown musicians like OHaustin, Keitero, and COBY, he has carefully conquered the technicalities of wordplay and the flow of music, which are the key features of hip hop and rap music.

His music denotes all the essential elements of modern-day hip hop appealing to a broader demographic representing his inner turmoil and issues. His songs have a stimulating flow of lyrics that goes along perfectly with the smooth beat contrasting his powerful and neat vocal dexterity. This talented artist has a firm command over the genius wordplay and timely throw that exudes his prevailing presence in the hip hop industry. The piercing voice and robust energy, that he brings out on stage are savored by his fans. With circumstantial and emotive lyricism he has gained critical adoration and artistic notoriety among the hip hop enthusiasts.


Describing himself as an outgoing introvert, XOgenesis has moved to Washington from his birthplace Louisiana to pursue his passion for music. His newest song ‘Two Twins’ exhibits engrossing artistry with original imagination and flair. And with a visionary purpose of conveying positivity across the globe, he is currently working under a label called XODFG and has made quite a buzz with his other tracks like ‘WYTK’, ‘Cartier/Chanel Cardigan’, ‘Uncertain/Break Your Heart’, ‘CAROLINE’, and many more. Follow this creative and gifted musician through his musical journey on SoundCloud, Instagram, and Twitter.


Experience new single ‘Two Twins’ on SoundCloud :


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