Image Credits – Celebrity Insider

According to the New York Post, Harvey Weinstein, who was sentenced to twenty-three years in prison after found guilty on numerous sexual charges, has been moved to a prison in Hudson Valley from luxurious Riker’s Island.

The formerly renowned Hollywood producer was in his bed when he was detained and transferred to Fishkill Correctional Facility in Beacon. Sources claimed that he looked ‘sad’ as Harvey Weinstein Moved from Riker’s Island and was taken to the prison facility.

It is reported that the Fishkill facility is just a temporary home for the movie mogul, as he will be placed in a permanent prison for the rest of his sentence time. After his conviction for abusing a film production assistant and raping an actress, he was sentenced with twenty-three years of prison time.

After he was first accused of sexual abusing by the New Yorker and The New York Times in late 2017, several women have come forth with their experiences of sexual abuse in the hands of ex Miramax producer Harvey Weinstein.

Famous actress Kate Beckinsale recalled her dreadful experience with Harvey when he brutally berated her for wearing a pants-suit. Underworld alum reports that Kate had worked in his film Serendipity and when it was to be premiered in New York City on September 11th, 2001 and everyone except Harvey wanted to cancel the event due to Twin Tower and Pentagon attack happened only two days ago. Shortly after this event, the incident involving Kate occurred.

In the event, Harvey shouted at Kate for not showing off her flesh as she dressed up in a pants-suit with her hair tied back. He later invited Kate and her daughter to his house for a ‘play date’ but upon arrival, she was screamed at and called a ‘c*nt.’