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Fantasia Barrino has slain the Gram with her very sexy looks which sports one after another. Recently, the winner of the American idol took to social media platforms where her new hairstyle has been unveiled.

The wife of Kendall Taylor loves to amplify the beauty as a sexy red hair is sported by her now. She is an adorable mother of two children who has been sporting hot curls as her new hairdo on top while shaving off the other two sides.  Fantasia Barrino Debuts Stunning New Hairstyle In Photos Just For Husband Kendall Taylor.

While she was posing outside in killer boots and salmon tops, the new hairdo has been shown off by the actress. A photo has been captioned saying that she has stepped outside for no one but red.

An interview was recently given by the Grammy winner where she told about her musical journey.

It was stated by Fantasia that she has been listening to great music in their growing up years. When she was only five, she first listened to kinds of stuff that her classmates had never heard and are not going to hear in their lifetime. She listened to songs by blues singers, R&B singers, gospel singers, and jazz singers. She had the privilege to hear several country songs that her kids have never listened to and is not even going to hear them in the future.

She spoke about being independent and says that she is in total control of her destiny. She can go inside a booth literally and can show them how she sees everything about musicality and spoke about her love. This is the way; the entire album has been completed. It does not sound the same way anymore but it has got everything and these beats are new which people are hearing from her for the first time. Somebody always told her that what she is capable of doing and she is unable to do it. As the doors opened for those things, all of them including her ran through it and a monster has been created.

She also went on to add that whenever people will meet her smile that she has and the ovation and the hug of love that she gets is very genuine and from the bottom of the heart.

She winded up by saying that people meet her and think saying that she has gone through hell but she has been very nice to everyone after all that has happened to her. She also spoke about the fact that she will never lose her humility. She also said that she is very much like them; the only difference is that she sings. She also drives her own car and goes to the market for groceries and shop on her own. She cooks her own food. Nothing is going to change about her ever.

It is pretty much clear that she is going through a great phase in her life and very much confident with the ways things are moving ahead.