The Wait is over as Sapliin’s New Therapeutic Single ‘Scarred Love’ is out Now

RB Singer  Sapliin

With the influential cultural waves of Atlanta, Sapliin drops another mellifluous R&B single ‘Scarred Love’ on Spotify to prove she chooses love even when she bleeds.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Atlanta, Apr 6, 2020 ( – The young superstar with a killer voice, Sapliin brings a new single ‘Scarred Love‘ to restore sanity in her turbulent mind. This therapeutic track has the soothing harmonies that can put down the hurricane raised inside the soul after one’s love that got away. It is written by herself that sketches a vulnerable picture in our mind with a fleeting ray of hope that she will survive at the end. Her story started getting unfold in 2019 when she made it through the hall of fame with two amazing singles ‘Your Choice’ and ‘Life 9’.

Born in South Florida, Sapliin finds her way to Atlanta to pursue an aspiring musical career to live up to her dreams. ‘Scarred Love‘ is a self-produced record with scintillating rhythms of R&B that capture every inch of your heart. Her enigmatic singing style gets her superfly response from her fans all over the world. This single sets an example of her balanced emotional aspects and refreshing musicality. Its lucid lyrics generates a strong sense of emotional intelligence with a dash of vulnerability that tells she is only human. Giving in to the numbness after her heart got broken is what inspired her to put down such a classic piece of balmy notes. 

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Her impeccable musical prowess has already caught the eyes of the titans of the industry. The world has just scratched the surface of exceptionalities she possesses within her that is gradually getting unfolded with passing time. Her empirical records that represent her deep thoughts and emotions transparently and at the end of tugging battle, she lets her heart. 

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