Gods Soul

Driving with a power-packed voice that is rare to find rapper Gods Soul (Xander Cross) creates stylish hip-hop and rap fused songs that speak largely about his personality. Heavy voice, anthemic hip-hop melodies, and mildly distorted instrumentals are what can be found stacked stylistically in the Los Angeles hiphop artist’s creative records. Blending just enough energy to let the tracks flow freely amidst classic rap rhythm, the artist performs in confidence to make his compositions thoroughly likable and engaging. The true captivating element is the artist’s way of performing the rap that lets his tracks work brilliantly to impress the audience.

The artist’s most popular records include Days Go By ft. PHYNIX (Prod. Sekko)’, ‘Live Your Life (Prod. Balance Cooper)’, ‘Too Many Kills (Prod. Lucas)’, ‘Finish Him!! (Prod. Thundaa)’,‘No Doors (Prod. Balance Cooper)’, ‘Summer Daze (Prod. Yung Nab)’, ‘Perfect 10 (Prod. RSK)’, ‘High Up (Prod. Yondo)’, COVID – 19 (Prod. LCS x Starix Production)’, ‘Week Night Shifts (prod. Balance Cooper)’ and ‘Beans (Prod. Manuel)amongst several others that have been creating massive airwaves in the hip-hop music scene. With his honest and relatable songwriting skills, the artist narrates the story in a rather appealing manner that has more of a superior hip-hop star vibe attached to it. The songs area representation of some of the ups and downs he has endured through his musical journey.

Gods Soul (Xander Cross) aims to help others to get through the times with his inspiring words that he has skillfully arranged in his songs. The diversity in his songs is something to look forward to and the artist works independently to express his wild imagery through his artistic compositions and brings together some unignorable tunes that hook the listeners with its optimism. All his songs are graced by a powerful instrumental back up that makes it easier for the hip-hop fans and lovers to fall for his vibe and tracks effortlessly. Listen to his deeply groovy and gravity filled voice on Soundcloud and follow him on Instagram to know more about his upcoming projects.

Experience the hot new songs of Gods Soul’s on SoundCloud Click here: https://soundcloud.com/user-568017371

Jacklyn Ryan

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