Nailing it with his high level of creativity and expressive songwriting, artist yph SLUMP aka yph_lildeadinside gives a stunning presentation of his melodic charisma through a series of pessimistic oriented songs. Having understood the meaning of struggle and betrayal in life from a very young age, the artist has combined all his negative thoughts and addiction issues to come out as series of appealing songs that experiment with some sincere musical chords to stand out. Not only are the structures hard-hitting but the artist’s emotional quotient by rapping is equally provoking. Inspired by his real-life experiences and instances, the artist has gifted some unignorable tracks that summarize his mental state.

The artist’s sound is just attention-grabbing and the unmistakable style hints his prowess over the Alternative rock and rap genre. Few tracks that bring all the elements at once are ‘All My Homies Dead’,‘it wont be the same, if i cant kiss your pretty face’,‘ANGEL WINGS’, ‘love me like i’m dead’, and ‘OH WELL . . . . .’ Built on a rather suspicious melodic line the artist blends together some emotion felt notes and intriguing instrumentals to showcase a fresh direction. All the songs come from his label DEPRESSMOBB and are perfectly relevant to the subject matter. With dead type beat and distorted melodies, the rapper spreads the message of depression, anxiety, mental illness, drug addiction, suicide, and also his nature of self-hatred. All such crucial subjects have inspired him to direct the songs which when mixed with the essential voice of the rapper sounds completely unexpected and moving.

All the songs show yph SLUMP losing himself in the performance as he deeply feels the lyrics while delivering them with utmost care. The weight in his voice shows his vulnerable personality and the deeply human writing is what upholds the taste of his creations. Hear out his music on both Soundcloud and YouTube and follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more information.


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