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If you are one of those gamers who take interest in unique traversal systems and compelling environments then there are a lot of amazing platforms currently available in the market currently. To name the best out of the lot, Rayman Legends, which is the fifth main title in the long-running series is certainly one of the best offerings in this regard. Originally released in the year 2013, the game received positive feedback for most of the parts that included its stages and platforming mechanics.

For those who still haven’t got the opportunity to check it out, The Beloved Platformer Rayman Legends Is Now Free Via Uplay For A Limited Time. The game is now available for free through Ubisoft’s Uplay platform and all a player has to do is to just open an account. If you do0nt have an existing account, then setting up a new one takes few minutes. After that, the gamer can download Rayman Legends straight to their Uplay Library. However, one must remember that the free game is available only till April 4 and so if anyone is looking for having some fun traversal action then they must hurry up to take the strike.

To get a brief idea, the game takes place precisely after a century to the events in Rayman Origins. As it goers that Rayman and his friends have been sleeping for years and suddenly get awakened by the nightmares from the Bubble Dreamer. After this, the Magician gets divided into five dark Teensies and the choice goes up to Rayman and his companions whether or not they wish to put a stop to their evil ways before their world gets completely devastated by corruption.

As far as game play is concerned, it is as good as it has always been. The player gets to move through a beautifully detailed stage which includes a wide variety of playable characters. These include Rayman, the Teensies, Globox, and Barbara and each one of them has a unique skill set that helps them to defeat the enemies and further move throughout the various stages.

Added to this, there is an assist character named Murfy, the greenbottle who can perform varieties of actions that will further help the player’s character to move forward. And, as it goes that only after the player frees the Teensies that they will gain access to a new world. All of it is pretty varied and does outstanding work in keeping the game play fresh and new.

The game includes a total of 120 levels in which 40 of them are remastered versions from Rayman Origins. So, that’s a lot of content, a gamer can look forward to with absolutely no charge.

When everyone else around the world is in self-quarantine, it is pretty much exciting to see the platformer being offered for free. It seems that even in the darkest of times, the publishers, developers, and gamers have come together. It’s quite inspiring to see this and it also shows what the gaming industry is truly capable of. Good news for the gamers, as they can now expect several similar free offerings in the upcoming weeks.