Austrian Reggae Dancehall Artist S Pri will Knock You Off Your Feet with his Latest Single ‘Cheers to Life’

S Pri

The talented Dancehall artist S Pri presents a unique cocktail of vintage reggae and modern-day upbeat dancehall in his newest soundtrack ‘Cheers to Life’.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- London, Apr 22, 2020 ( – Being the most popular subgenre of reggae, dancehall music has always been in touch with its roots soaking in all the vintage instrumentation and vibes. Eminent musician S Pri explores some very interesting tonal force of bass guitar and drums in his popular soundtrack Cheers to Life‘ generating a charming symphony of delightful melodies. The song is opulent in a swift and propelling cadence that is orchestrated with pumping beats presenting the beautiful Jamaican spirit to his listeners across the globe. The seductive wordplay of the song intensified by his captivating vocal prowess leaves a teasing tang in the mind of his audience.

This well-seasoned Austrian Reggae Dancehall artist S Pri had been introduced to the craft at a very young age which availed him to become well-versed in the genre. Channeling all his energy and raw passion into the art of music-making, he has carefully initiated an electronic rhythmic mechanism interlaced with groovy and upbeat tunes into the smooth flow of the harmony. The unique stylized rhythmic pattern of his soundscape creates an ambiance of sensual reverie where you are bound to move your feet to his head-bobbing melodies. Garnering inspiration from renowned musician Beenie Man, he has procured his musical knowledge with vigorous tenacity.

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Born and raised in Austria, Stefan Prieler mostly known by his stage name S Pri, has now relocated in Manchester, UK to pursue his dream to unleash his positive musicality through his artistic creations into the world. His newest song ‘Cheers to Life’ offers the audience an authentic taste of classic dancehall music presenting fast rhythmic tempo introduced through various digital instruments producing a groovy composition that attracts the youth with a cheerful impression. Utilizing his naturally alluring vocal dexterity, this gifted musician has come up with some enticing lyricism provoking delightful reactions from his listeners. Bringing the fans to the dance-floor his other tracks ‘Vibes Up’, ‘Touch Your Body’ with G. Baby, ‘Brick Wall’, and ‘Bumblebee’ under the production house Alystr Nash, has earned him a permanent place in the music industry. Get ready to move your hips to his charismatic musicality and follow him on YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, and Instagram for future updates.


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