H2KxDEVIOUSx787 has recently composed the hardest core hip-hop composition in history that combines a stunning rap play and blood boiling lyrics. The artist has capped off his journey with several exciting hip hop and rap anthems but the latest one has been marinated with superbly coordinated thrilling rap elements that skyrocket the rapper’s name amongst the big hit names. With his consistent band of layered and catchy lyrics, the artist delivers unexpected hooks that ultimately reign supreme. The whole track provides real gem to hold onto for long and the artist weaves through alternating passages of unassuming and surprising rhythm to rap his hardcore and mind-bending songwriting. The rap in the song Que se Joda! Fuk it!! is fantastic, and is punctuated by the rapper’s deep and powerful voice that is skillfully accompanied by hitting trap drums and heavy bass to create a more glitch effect on the listener’s mind.

The artist dedicates the track to all his hater’s who have discouraged and shamed him throughout and the rapper hits back to them with his powerful and brilliant artistry. Not everyone has the grip to stand up for what they believe in but this talented gem does everything with much pride as he doesn’t try to be perfect or claim to be someone else. His genuinity is well visible through his compositions and he is a self-made artist who believes in taking a stand for his deeds. The song ‘Que se Joda! Fuk it!!’ simply projects out his unshakeable confidence as the rapper crashes all boundaries with such punching words and banging music. The song creates much impact and urges the listener to stand up and take action as he grills positivity and self-realization with his productions. The hair rising synths, trippy sound effects, and the energetic vocals are an incredible display and they all amplify in intensity as the track finishes on a banging note.

H2KxDEVIOUSx787 is a name that is certainly going to be celebrated in the hip-hop industry for long because of his immense confidence and the artist firmly believes in paving his path to taste success. Listening to his latest creation only proves that the artist has shattered all walls attached to the stereotypic hip-hop with his heavy and wonderfully commendable musicianship. The amount of aggression this rap master has displayed in his music video establishes high expectations in the listener as it abundantly impresses them with its electrifying aesthetic. Watch the video on YouTube and follow the artist on Instagram and Twitter for more updates.

To enjoy this song visit the following link : 

Que se Joda! Fuk it!! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVcr7aFeSXU

Rafael Schneider

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