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Good news for all the gamers who take interest in playing shooting games as SRM game is back with its new launch titled Shooting Blaster Big Bang Boom. The game is meant for all those players who love to blast, shoot, and also to make booms. They can now just enjoy a more simplistic game by keeping only one thing in mind that is to have a good time.

The new game launched by SRM Games has been created with the sole idea of letting the fans have a good time and have fun. The developers are looking forward to seeing that any player, who is anticipating for the next big game or just simply bored, can finally enjoy the new title and also have a booming party with tons of blaster actions included.

The Shooting Blaster Big Bang Boom has been created with the motive to provide a relaxing and easy-going experience that provides a collection of soft music given for those who are in urgent need to relieve some stress. For those who are more interested in action, they also get to enjoy a soundtrack that gives away a more upbeat musical experience while blasting the enemy aliens out of the sky.

This latest title is more remindful of the arcade game Astroid which lets the player’s blast asteroids out of the sky. This latest edition includes ships, aliens, and more that can be blasted to pieces on a mission to reach home so that the players can reclaim Earth for the human race.

The game moreover comes with 200 levels that remain filled with addictive and relaxing game play. The player gets to blast away the enemies apart or also ram them for the full effect of ship combat. They can also adjust the difficulty to fit in their needs, and the game also comes with full controller support. Added to this, there are different enemies and power-ups included for the players to discover the game from within.

The ships present are quite attractive, the weapons are deadly, and the explosions are simply awesome. The game has tons of ships to unlock as the player progresses through the game, and each of them is in the same HD graphics that help to make this game look great. Even if the graphics are sharp and edgy, the game can be enjoyed on almost every computer.

It’s time for the gamers to gear up and get ready for this relaxing shooter with an arcade feel titled Shooting Blaster Big Bang Boom. The game which just got launched is now on sale on Steal for 10% off until April 23.

Shooting Blaster Big Bang Boom Is A New Bullet Hell That Has Released On Steam, SRM Title That Can Be Played On Most Computers. On Steam, the game is available for $1.49. However, it is exclusive to PC at the moment and there is no clue whether or not the console players will ever get a release.

On a good note, the game, however, comes with a full Steam cloud support and also Steam achievements, stats, and leader boards. Gamers can now enjoy a modern arcade game from a small indie team in SRM Games titled Shooting Blaster Big bang Boom.