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Kenya Moore always poses with a stunning look. It could be from her glamorous shots from the Real Housewives of Atlanta or it could very well be from her shots from the quarantine phase that is make-up free. The very beautiful TV star from reality shows is only 49 years old but she still has got a youthful look so that makes a lot of sense for her fans who have been wondering about the secrets that she holds back to herself only.

It was during a brand new interview, it was finally revealed by Kenya that what she has been doing all these years to keep her skin fresh and looks so beautiful all the time. Kenya Moore Shares The Secrets To Having Such Great, Youthful Skin!

She has been speaking to Hollywood life where she stated through the media that, to begin with, hydration is the primary factor and the most important among all. During this period, it is most essential to stay hydrated and remain healthy. She also went on to say that she drinks lots of water to keep the supple nature of her skin intact and flush out the entire toxins from her system.

She further went on to mention that hydration has to be the number one priority for everyone. According to her, eating as healthy as possible, working out regularly, and keeping your skin hydrated all are equally important but hydration should be given more importance and attention for better-looking skin.

The news media outlet has also been told by Kenya that while she puts on her glamorous make-up and gets that done for the show, she, in reality, is not into wearing a lot of make-up. It turns out to be very beneficial for her skin in a way that it remains in its best possible health.

She also exclaimed that she is not into wearing a lot of make-up. Unless and until she feels bored some of those days she gets on with it and feels like treating herself with a lot of face make-up on those special days. But she does not use that on her skin and it is kept clean without any tinkering. She makes it very sure that she would not go to sleep with the make-up on as she does a thorough moisturizing and cleansing before going to bed every day. So, she prescribes everybody to keep things very simple with this kind of stuff.

Earlier, only one single skin product has been promoted by the TV celeb from the reality TV show on the IG account that she has and the name of the product and brand is Ocean Remedies Krill Oil.

The supplement supposedly contains anti-oxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and many other ingredients that are of benefits nature for your skin as she swears by those products and brands.

During the interview, once again she stressed the fact that there is no need for a lot of products that are crazy according to her opinion.

Just this product only has done wonders for her nails, hair, and complexion that is quite apparent.