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Tamron Hall’s baby boy, Baby Moses is all decked up to welcome his first birthday this week. But as the corona virus is still stalking the world with its terror everyone in New York has been strictly abiding by the restrictions and have been maintaining social distancing as well. So, Tamron decided to take all the responsibilities on her. Look what she did.

Tamron Hall Gives A Glimpse Of Baby Mose’s First Birthday Party In New Video — TV Host Is Baking And Decorating Everything By Herself. The TV host took to her social media handle where she revealed her baking plans for Moses and also that she would be decorating it along with several other treats.

Moreover has a Baby Shark-themed party planned for her baby’s first birthday where the host would also fit into the role of a party planner and will decorate the home. It was in The Tamron Hall Show that the fans shall be getting a glimpse of the party scheduled to be held on Friday.

The TV host made an announcement where she said that Tamron is all set to kick off the weekend with celebrity pastry chef and chocolatier Jacques Torres on his thoughts of season four of Nailed It. Added to this, Dennis Quaid has introduced them to his new podcast titled The Dennissance.

And, to top it all it is also Moses’s first birthday and so asked all her fans to get their vocal cords ready as they must sing a very Happy Birthday to her son altogether.

Her fans are extremely excited to help the baby celebrate the big day. To which one person commented Baby Shark is the song which Tamron had used to announce her pregnancy and so on Mose’s first birthday they all are going to sing that for him. Moreover, the person added on how his niece just loves listening to the song and that she starts jumping whenever the music starts playing.

Another follower reached out to share that Tamron must follow her mind and heart first and in that way she would never go wrong. It’s just his opinion which he shared and also requested her to post a video of baby Mose’s first birthday. It seems as if everyone is pretty much waiting to see the first birthday celebration of the child.

Comments started pouring in rapidly where one fan commented that Tamron is going to be good in whatever she chooses to do and that Moses is going to be very happy. Additionally, this person had a question in store for her and asked whether or not she has learned any new thing about her husband during this quarantine that ahs remarkably surprised her and ended the question by wishing a blessed evening to her.

This commenter also said that she must bake two cakes, one for Moses to gobble on for his first baby pictures and the other one for the family who must celebrate and sing to this precious and adorable child. The person wished good luck for decorating the cake as it will be such a special first birthday cake for baby Moses, and from then onwards it shall just be Moses.

The fifth comment on the post read that Tamron can cook homemade baby food then this cake should be a piece of cake for her. The fan also congratulated her on the Baby Shark theme and expressed his happiness and genuine concern for her and the whole family by wishing them to stay safe.

With so much preparation going on, the party can only be expected to be grand and exclusive in all ways.