The future of modern upbeat dub step music is here with AZGARD exciting the crowd with their immensely powerful compositions. Founded by Matt and Kevin in 2017, the band encloses a power-packed formula that helps any track to shine bright. Their out breaking musicality proves as to why this bass music duo from Chicago AZGARD has ruled and dominated the dub step industry for so long. Their compositions ride high on energy, passion, and magnetic components that let the audience ride wildly on the dance floor. For people who are always looking out for crowd banging music to tap their foot to, their compositions ate till date the best they could grove into. The bouncy rhythms and the anthem-like ambiance they create with their stellar productions makes everyone jump to and fro as they smartly show off their ability to stretch the impact.

Both Matt and Kevin come from a very strong musical background where Matt specializes in playing piano, guitar, bass, and drums, and Kevin has high skills in all of the symphonic orchestras. Both of them have utilized their artistic best, instrumentation, recording arts, and theories to shape up their unique style and have released several highly engaging tracks so far. Their recent creation ‘Seven Lions ft. Tyler Graves – Only Now (AZGARD Remix)’ presents their hyper chemistry as the duo has adorned the track with thrilling sounds and head banging chords that are hard to escape. Guided by a hypnotic female voice, the song conquers all terms as they both set their skills to shine. The electronic bass music is superb a sit perfectly molded with extraterrestrial sounds and is filled with uplifting pikes.

Built under the label Firepower Records & Recall Records, ‘Seven Lions ft. Tyler Graves – Only Now (AZGARD Remix)’ bangs hard and the tempo increases as the track approach the finish. AZGARD has been ruthlessly piercing with all their tracks and this one is no different. Within their first year, they have reigned the Beatport Top 10 dub step, trap, and electro house charts and have been featured on EDM blogs, Grassroots California. Moreover, the duo has performed alongside top tier tales all across the Midwest in clubs and festivals. To excite their fans they also provide them with a free download series every month. Listen to this magnificent band on Soundcloud and YouTube, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information.

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Only Now :

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