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As we think of survival simulation games that are great, one of the most under-rated out of them has to be the Stranded Deep. Since its release back in the year 2015, the game has gone under the radar. This is one of those better games that are there in this genre where your survival skills are put to the test in various ways that are similar to very few other games that are there and go about their mechanism.

This title of survival from the Beam Team Games that has been released for the platform of PS4 and it did not happened not very long ago. So, as of now, a whole new bunch of the console gamers gets an opportunity so that the memorable and unique elements can be experienced. If critical thinking are not used by you, with regards to looking for food, towards building and just for the means of surviving then a lot can be offered by this game. Stranded Deep Is A Solid Survival Sim Available Now For The PS4.

The game is going to put you in the role of a survivor from a plane crash, who has been located now somewhere very much near to the Pacific Ocean. A clear path has not been chalked out on how to get back home and without it you will have to purely rely on your survival skills that are very much innate so that a bevy of challenges can be overcome that this game has been throwing upon you. If you rae lucky enough to have watched movies like the very famous Cast Away or The Edge, then you must be pretty much sure what type of obstacles exactly you are facing and have to overcome on an island that is seemingly deserted.

The elements of survival are shining through quite really in the Stranded Deep. You are needed to stay very mush vigilant of your thirst meters and your hunger. Even the blistering heat of the sun is going to have an impact on the health of your character. As these harsh elements are braved by you, things are needed to be seeked by you to craft it. Things that are included in these are shelters, weapons and resources. Your creations can be seen manifesting themselves through rigorous hard work that will make you feel satisfied in some way or the other that are not offered by a lot of games. This is the reason why, truly, Stranded Deep is a hidden gem, that should be experienced by every survivalist at some point or the other.

The longer period you are going to survive in this particular game, you will be able to unlock the more number of skills. These include things like harvesting, hunting and cooking. With each progressing skills it becomes of paramount importance so that new structure are build up and new threats are taken down. You are also given the opportunity and chance to stand directly in front to fight against one another along with king of the ocean which happens to be the great white shark. These types of encounters never get very old and they will certainly going to get your adrenalin pumping.

There are also quite a lot of bosses that has to be defeated. The bragging rates that are the ultimate will be netted by you through a victory. Stranded Deep happens to be a survival simulator that is great and now that it has released in PS4, thanks for that. Now, for the first time more people can check out the game or re-visit the game again, perhaps. It is going to pave the way so that your days can be spend perfectly in self-quarantine.