Check out the new music video ‘Dance Baby-One More time’ by Ajay Rekhi, filled with ethereal tempo

Ajay Rekhi

With captivating dance drops and a beautiful intro, Ajay Rekhi combines the hit formula in his latest music video ‘Dance Baby-One More time’ on youtube.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Dubai, May 14, 2020 ( – The Indian singer Ajay Rekhi sings with his blissful sound surround by the crazy jungle drops in the latest music video ‘Dance Baby-One More time’, making it a prodigious achievement in his brief music career with thousands of views in a week. As the trend in music continues to change, it is a good idea to keep the musical inclination as much fluid as possible to catch the actual color of the industry with time. He seems to be an experienced EDM artist and singer who understands the direction of the wind in the ever-changing world of music. The new music video is a self-produced EDM record that became this year’s ultimate dance number in Hindi. 

When we talk about India, our complete attention gets consumed by the bling of Bollywood chi-chi and the age-old traditional beats of drums mixed with mainstream romantic numbers. But the musicality is changing and so does the taste of Indians in music. With avid listeners of groovy genres, Ajay Rekhi has set his mind to haunt every EDM and contemporary music lover of India and hypnotize them with his refreshing blast of dance music. He has a very new metropolitan approach in his songs including the new music video Dance Baby-One More time‘ that captures his idiosyncratic high-voltage drops and smacking hooks, making the whole nation dance with his new musical exploration. The video features some clips of underground rave parties that completely soak into the atmosphere with its undulating dance beats. His amazing crooning in the main verses saves it from coming out as a loud and annoying bass infused electronic number.

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When you are laid-back with blank thoughts, imbibe in the energy of the upcoming artist that takes us on a little euphoric trip with his EDM songs and new music video. These numbers are crafted in the smooth melodies of electronica and neon swing accompanied by his mesmerizing voice. His fine-tuned vocalization through the head-spinning electronic beats is awe-striking. His techno spirituality will soon find its way to merge with the traditional Bollywood dance music someday but now he focuses on making some mellifluous EDM numbers with the recurring tempo. With the diversity in the Indian musical milieu, he will soon conquer the world with his excellent ability in music. Subscribe to his YouTube channel for all the latest music at a single click.

Check out this video ‘ Dance Baby-One More time ‘ on Youtube:

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