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The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild has seen many wretched villains in the past throughout its popular franchise’s history but no one comes close to the unforgettable antagonist of all time, the Dark Link. It has been reappearing in many games that existed as Link’s foil. There is a piece of good news for the patent players of the game that it is Obtaining The Dark Link Armor Set.

Dark Link is the personified version of Link’s inner demons that becomes a physical entity. He comes in white, spooky hair, dresses in pitch black clothes and has crimson red eyes with an evil glance. To get the Dark Link Armor Set back in the game, the players have to be patient as many parts of the setups cannot be immediately obtained.

In order to get your hands on the Dark series armor, you must complete the quest A Shady Customer. In this phase, you are about to travel to the East Akkala Stable and meet an NPC that goes by the name of Hoz. He will give you information and help you with the new quest.

You must find the mysterious man and take a photograph of him who was likely to be spotted at Skull Lake. Finding Skull Lake is not a difficult task for the players. One can easily find it in the upper right corner of the map that is shaped utterly like a skull.

Once you reach the mentioned spot on the map, you can find the uncanny person standing at the edge in the left eye and he is called Kilton. You can be stealth to take the photograph standing far off him with the Sheikah tablet. Then you come to the prior spot to show the evidence to Hoz in order to complete the quest.

From this level, Kilton will become a vendor. He will be seen with a half-empty inventory at first but as you move ahead in the game and complete the tasks like Divine Beast Dungeons, you will be rewarded with more weapons to fill your inventory.

In order to purchase the iconic Dark Link outfit, the player must destroy all four of the Divine Beasts. Obtaining the set will be much harder with these challenges.

The things and gears that Kilton sells are sold for the currency called Mon. when you need Mon, you go and speak to the weapon dealer to convert monster parts to the special currency. Do not be a fool to waste all your earned Mon before you can purchase the Dark Link outfit.

The set of Dark Link will need 3997 Mon in total and that is quite a handsome amount to pay that will come from the monster parts. You have killed as many monsters as possible to secure the Mons. The best way to increase the amount is by continuously killing lynels.

The dark mode is best built for the Night Speed Up perk that enhances your speed incredibly at night. Though it has a repressive armor class that cannot be upgraded by the Great Fairies. Though it has a few drawbacks certainly its unique display is worth every kills.