Of all the hip-hop artists who are driving relentlessly with a passion to make their names count in the industry, PSYCHEDELIC is a notable name who is blessed with fine artistry to make that happen. The Victoria R&B artist has a blissfully charming groove and a hypnotic voice that makes anyone a fan of his craftsmanship. Few artists have the ability to transport listeners to a whole different state just with the power of these verses and this rapper comes up with his own style to affirm that. His prominent voice and catchy depictions make the compositions even more relatable to the audience and consistently hooks them with its delicious melodies. For years the artist has expanded his style to touch the listener’s heart and his recent production surely does that quite effectively.

Sometimes (prod. Taurs)’ is a balanced melodic R&B song filled with string alluring lyrics that highly impresses the audience with its humble approach. The unique sound certainly turns the hip-hop heads as the rapper has thoroughly poured his feelings out to make the sound even more thoughtful. Heartbreak, expectations, and the desire to hold onto someone, everything has been mixed finely to highlight the essence of the track. The artist has a charming control over his pace that adds an edge to the song. The song has been smartly produced throughout with great imaginations and hooks aplenty.

PSYCHEDELIC blows it away with his melodious voice and it’s like an addictive and fresh sound that touches the listener’s ear waves. The rhythmically bent song makes a lasting effect in the audience and has proven worthy to establish the artist’s capability in the hip-hop genre. ‘Sometimes’ is a heart-touching, upbeat track that deserves to be heard multiple times to soak in the real emotions.  Follow the artist on Instagram for more updates.

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