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Great news for the fans, as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is providing the players with innumerable ways of exploring through its huge and exciting world. There exist some special mounts among the normal variety of horses and the ways of getting around Hyrule.

One such special mount is known as the Royal White Stallion, a beautiful white horse with increased stats compared to other steeds.

The Royal White Stallion is considered as the living descendant of the royal steed of Princess Zelda. The royal steed of Princess Zelda was rumored to have escaped and fled to Safula Hill after the fall of Hyrule to Calamity Ganon. How to get the Royal White Stallion in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild – it is still a big question for many fans.

If the enthusiasts talk to a man named Toffa at the Outskirt Stable, the man will tell them the story of his grandfather who had told him about the growing up of the stallion. After telling the story, the man will give the users a side quest named The Royal White Stallion, the player’s indication to start hunting for the rare steed.

Alternatively, it’s not a requirement that you speak to Toffa first, so don’t be worried if you manage to tame the horse before you speak to him. In fact, talking to Toffa is not required at all to get the horse, but rather the Royal Bridle and Royal Saddle, a unique bridle/saddle combo.

The quest will guide the users to Safula Hill, which is just past Sanidin Park Ruins. In order to go there from Outskirt Stables, the users need to take the road north, turning left at the first intersection. Cross Manhala Bridge and follow the road right, around, and up a hill.

From there on, one must look around and should be able to spot the stallion. Beyond the increases status, the horse is skittish compared to the other horses. It will certainly bolt at the slightest glimpse or sound, so it is certainly recommended for the players to come prepared with ways of increasing their stealth.

These can be done by the players by purchasing or creating elixirs that can increase their stealth, eating the food with stealth boosts, wearing the Sheikah armor set, or if they want to be thorough, any combination thereof.

Alternatively, just like the other horses, paragliding over them and mounting them from the air also works. Well, in addition to the increased stealth, the users will also need increased stamina to make sure that they tame the steed.

In order to soothe the Royal White Stallion, fans will certainly need two full stamina wheels. Thus, the fans will have to come prepared with some stamina elixirs or food to increase stamina. If the players have already completed any of the shrines, taming the horse will probably be easier if you’ve obtained any stamina vessels.

After catching it, the users need to be sure to backtrack it to the Outskirt Stable and then get it registered. The horse comes with 3 stars in strength, 4 stars in stamina, and 5 stars in speed, so beyond obtaining Epona, this horse is certainly one of the best that can be obtained in the game.