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After the big revelation of 4o skins, another set of releases is waiting for the big Minecraft’s New Realms Plus fans. There are two ways to play the in-demand title Minecraft; one if a third-party Minecraft server or secondly, users want to rent another fellow from Mojang themselves that is known as Minecraft Realm. It has become a ritual for the title to add new facets of the game each month and Mojang lets the user-created items available into Realms Plus to encourage more people to try and purchase new packages every month. This month in Minecraft’s New Realms Plus, Three New Texture Packs Added!

 The users get to see newly added three texture packs from the developers of Minecraft in May. The list includes whole new five game modes completely different than each other backing it up with new maps and the latest pack of 40 skins that came out on the big anniversary event held in mid of May.

The three texture packs go by the name of ClearCraft, Lithos HD, and Medival Texture Pack. The ClearCraft texture pack has very little variation and stays close to the original pack of classic Minecraft. The only difference is that the new texture pack contains 64x textures that come with lots of details to every block, item, and mob of the game.

It is surprisingly clubbed with upgraded skins for Mobs, including Zombies, Dragons, Creepers, and many more options. You will get the exclusive chance to reshape the owned characters with 12 free HD skin with the ClearCraft texture pack.

Goe-craft has created the ClearCraft pack that delivers the users with uncountable fine-drawn detailed experience to the unique pixelated game of Minecraft.

The second is named the Lithos HD that was created by Eleazzaar for Syclone Studios. It will receive high credits because of its supreme quality that provides the user with real clarity and visual details in the form of pixelated and adds an extraordinary texture to the nature of the game.

The only setback of the second texture pack is that it comes in 32x instead of 64x. This takes away some of the details making it a bit shabby for the lower quality of texture from the other new versions of textures. The good thing is the texture allows the game mode to create a smoother mesh throughout the game in the pixelated form. It brings very little change to the sole aesthesis of the game but remains to be a whole new version as it stays true to its enhanced capacity of the texture.

The last pack of all is called the Medival Texture that Mojang managed to add with the gimmick of new maps and game modes. It added more sprinkle of surprise for the fans this month. It is developed by Gamemode One. It has its beauty and that emits more of a fantasy glee to the game. The Medival Texture pack enables the users to take on one of the twenty stunning skins that have saved every attire from the royal king and heroes to the protectors and knights in shining armors.

The third texture pack is varied from the rest new packs for its dramatic changes that literally have brought changes to the core aesthetics of the game. It fixes mobs to fit more naturally in a medical fantasy world rather than the expected mold of classic Minecraft.

All three new texture packs come with a guaranteed number of specific skins to add in the closet of your character to easily delve into the new design of the modified environment.