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The accidental statement released by TSM President Leena Xu has bewildered everyone on the gaming landscape. Team Solo Mid’s President, Leena, Admited To Saying That No One Wanted Dardoch On Doublelift’s Stream. It is said that the viewers of the Doublelift’s stream had overheard their conversation when the president said the stated words.

It was during the stream when Doublelift had paused just when Xu had said that it is not up to her. Like for example there is no one out there who wishes to pick up Dardoch and that’s certainly not her fault.

Moreover, Xu had admitted on Reddit that it was just an unfortunate mistake and that she has previously had work conversations in the same room as Doublelift, her boyfriend, and TSM’s new bot laner, but as it happened that her comments were caught on stream this particular time due to different stream settings. Xu further said that the incident was all her fault and not Doublelift’s.

About Xu’s comments, it seems that TSM has tried to move Dardoch, who had joined TSM back in November, before the Summer Split. Having Dardoch and recently signed Misfits ADC Kobbe, TSM has finished fourth in the LCS Spring Playoffs.

Back in April when TSM had acquired Doublelift, many fans and analysts had claimed that there was a conflict of interest because of the relationship between Doublelift and Xu. After the move was made official, in a vlog, Doublelift had said that he would have still wanted to play on TSM even if Xu wasn’t a part of the organization.

In a recent podcast appearance, Xu had said that as per her view she feels that it’s quite ridiculous of Riot to come out and say that they had done the investigation and as per that everything has been approved by the league. Riot had further added that it’s not satisfying for the community as they are still talking nonsense.

As it went that Leena Xu had apologized to the so called our community and also to Dardoch for a lapse of judgment on handling an important call next to a live stream. Xu had said that Dardoch had expressed interest in joining another LCS team after he was being told that he may be splitting time or moving full time to TSM’s Academy roster.

However, Dardoch didn’t have the greatest split but he was still a reliable judge so it was quite surprising that TYSM decided to replace him just after one split. It is also astonishing that TSM had kept replacing their members after just one split. With this stature of progress it is quite unlikely to see TSM participate at the International Tournaments since the other teams keep their members intact and also develop them instead of just throwing them out after one single split.

Moreover, it’s quite fascinating to see how TSM will fare after all this drama in LCS’s Summer Split considering the hatred they would receive from the community. With the split expected from a month from now, players might get to see the kitchen of other teams as well. So everyone must stay tuned for more information in the coming few days.

The 2020 LCS Summer Split is scheduled to start on June 13th.