Image Credits – Daily Mail

Amid the nationwide peaceful protests and vandalisms against the brutal murder of George Floyd at the hands of policemen in Minneapolis, singer, and actress Erika Jayne has expressed her solidarity to the black community extending her support to the Black Lives Matter, Black Out Tuesday on her social media.

Following this event, the 48-year-old reality star was attacked in the comment section by some follower who pointed out that her son Tommy Zizzo was an ‘officer’ himself. Erika Jayne Defends Post Of Her Son Who’s A Police Officer by saying that he grew up learning to protect and serve people of all ethnic heritage. She asked the commenter to stay off her page. She was supported by her followers for her comment which she continued to share.

Erika is known for keeping her private life and son out of the public eye. She had recently posted a photo of her son in uniform on her social media. She described the photo as her ‘best-performing post.’

Erika stated that as she chose how she would be spending her life, everybody else also has the same right to decide for themselves. She said that there was nothing she could do to stop her son from becoming a police officer.

She said that her son turned out to be a ‘fine young man’ and she couldn’t be more proud of him. Previously Erika had to defend her son once in interaction with Eileen Davidson. There Erica proudly explained that her son was out on the street protecting people he didn’t know every night, putting on his uniform.

Her fans flooded the comment section writing that she can support the Black Lives Matter Movement without being against the police as not all of them are the same. Someone else stated that being against police brutality does not mean you are against the whole police department.

During the movement, there have been some unfortunate cases of riots and looting besides peaceful demonstrations as well. The movement has spread across the sea to the United Kingdom and also in Toronto and Montreal.

The president of the United States Donald Trump has declared to send the National Guard to all of the affected states.