Keeping up with the latest trend of the industry, a superbly talented artist has essentially changed the game and has actually made it to the mainstream with his flawless artistry. Featuring MONTE aka M•N+£, a rapper known to drive the world of hiphop topsy-turvy with his honest and brutal expression of the genre. Thriving on exclusive beats and a breathless rap performance, the Boston hiphop artist has climbed up the charts with his storming compositions in which he gives the delight to the audience by showcasing his unusual abilities. Breaking every traditional ceiling of rap forms with his refreshing sounds and style, the rapper has diverged from the regular patterns and come up with his own engaging beats that kneel other upcoming artists to his music.


With his latest rap production Dive the artist has once again established a strong reputation of being an enthusiastic rapper as he delivers the verses with a lightning speed weaved fantastically with strategic spaces. It’s purely entertaining to listen to him taking charge of the scenario with his powerful and embracing voice that gives the soundscape a worthy push to be declared as an effortless hit. Filled with addictive words and a groovy tempo, the song reflects the various aspects of the artist’s life as he is someone who has grown up in poverty. The music is bound to make people feel good and that is what rapper MONTE aka M•N+£ aims to offer with his music.

Built under the label NovasCorner.LLC, the song ‘Dive’ portraits the struggles an experience which the 28-year-old rapper has faced in his life and efficiently moves people with its genuine artistry. The artist has an original sound and an authentic style, something which the industry truly values. Listen to his unbeatable flow on YouTube, and follow him on Instagram and Twitter for more details.

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