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George Clooney has opened up as he is not keeping silent regarding the protests that are taking place called the Black Lives Matter that has been sparked by the recent case of severe brutality of police that has senselessly killed and ended the precious life of George Floyd. Like almost every other celebrities from the country, the famous actor has used his platform and voiced his concerns and speak up in favor of the movement.

A powerful essay has been written by Clooney for The Daily Beast that has been published on Monday that has got the appropriate title ‘George Clooney: America’s Greatest Pandemic Is Anti-Black Racism’.

The actor who is also very popular and well known for his work as a philanthropist has been discussing the issue of national outrage over and over again over George Floyd’s murder and all the protests that are taking place in every nook and corner of U.S. and has also been spreading very slowly all across the planet. George Clooney Writes Powerful Essay About Racism In America – It’s ‘Our Pandemic’.

In the essay, that can be called a lengthy one he called in for the systematic changes that should take place in the countries law enforcement and also in the prevailing criminal justice system amongst every other thing that is there.

Furthermore, more and more visibility is garnered by systematic racism in America amidst the pandemic that has occurred globally a comparison has since been made between the social disease and viral disease that has continued to kill the black community for a period spanning over hundreds of years. He felt it quite appropriate to make such a comment which is relevant in such a grave situation in the country’s history.

He went on to write that this is the pandemic of their country and people have to be responsible enough to take the onus on them. This has affected every person in the country and in the 400 years of the history of the country, nobody is able to find a vaccine for such a social disease. It may appear that the people have stopped looking out for finding a vaccine to cure this dreaded disease that has been eating up the country and its people silently. The wound is only treated on an individual basis and nothing more than that. But it should not be the case. One can confidently say that something more is required to cure it and people have failed to do a good job and things are not at all right. So, when such a shocking incident took place this week the people of the country are still wondering about what is the right thing to do and go about the job in the right approach so that the problems can be fixed. On has to just remember and keep in mind that these issues have been created by us and so it can be fixed by us.

Clooney went on by encouraging people to vote for this issue and argued in favor of it by saying that this is the only lasting change that can be ushered in the country and changes have to be made for the betterment of the people.

The actor was also reminded of similar protests and outrage that took place in the country back in the ’90s.

In addition to that, he could not help much but think about the killing of Eric Garner in the year 2014 as he also complained about the fact that he was unable to breathe as a policeman strangled him to death quite like the incident that happened with George Floyd and has got striking similarity.

He further enquired that it was the year 1992. He also went on to ask that did any of the juries just spoke about the white cops that everybody watched on tape numerous times beating up Rodney King and was still not found guilty of the dreaded crime they have committed. It was also in the year 2014 when the execution of Eric Garner happened for selling only cigarettes by one of the white cops and we all watched as he was strangled by the cop. The words that he was unable to breathe were etched in the minds of the people forever. He also said that there have been numerous times people of color were killed by police.

Other victims who died of atrocious police brutality were also mentioned by him like that of Laquan McDonald, Philando Castile, and Tamir Rice and pointed out to the very fact that there happens to be absolutely no doubt that whatever happened to Floyd was nothing but murder.

First and foremost, the senseless killing that took place was caught on the camera and the video also went viral.

It has also been argued by the actor that history has repeated itself again and again which is just proof that in eradicating racism very little progress has been made in the United States.