Going through drastic changes and constant evolution over the decades, the genre of hip hop and rap has emerged as stronger than ever having a sizable number of talents up its sleeve. One such talented rapper Gryphøn enters the hip hop scene with his impressive inimitable rhyming skill featured in all of his compositions. Armed with his captivating and exuberant vocal dexterity, the young promising musician ignites a fire in each of his compositions with tremendous intensity. His dramatic rap flow incorporated with the hard-hitting melodic beats breathes life into his soundscape giving the audience an experience of surreal acoustic pleasure.

Establishing his commanding presence through his robust performance the Chambersburg rapper wishes to impart his thoughts and enthusiasm to the world employing relatable libretto. The lyrical illustration in his soundscape finds solace in the dash of confidence in his breathtaking delivery of verses, revealing his wondrous artistry. Experimenting with diverse sonic elements from different genres, the brave artist is on the mission to master the fundamental mechanic s of the genre to form a unique and versatile sound of his own. Refused to be bound by contemporary trends, his unparalleled works of art have earned him global recognition and popularity quite effortlessly.

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Gryphøn has dished out some of his finest creations like ‘Come Up’ produced by Prince Vader, ‘Sober Up’, ‘#LongLiveJah’, and ‘Static’ showcasing his flabbergasting rhyming scheme to the listeners. The songs are opulent with pummeling beats and mesmerizing instrumental cadence achieved through a set of enticing chord arrangements, with an ecstatic nudge of funk. The sensual lyrics enhanced through his boisterous rap flow escalate up to the killer hooks, giving the rhythm of the song a zesty vibe. Make sure to follow the young and talented artist SoundCloud and Instagram and be updated on his future projects.


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