Extended Stay

Fresh from the gifted artists DDDon Jesus & PrettyBoy Valde, the track ‘Extended Stay’ has blessed the fans of the hip hop genre with its unforgettable musical journey, which is powerful and mellow at the same time. Created to explore the richest fragments of the genre through multiple layers of sound design, this track has uniquely portrayed the creativity of the artists through its composition and expressive tone. The intention of the artists has been well-reflected through the profile of NCDS, which has earned them a huge number of fans. Be it this track or their previous releases, the artists have successfully managed to keep the audience engaged.

They have committed to their music completely through their unique approach towards music-making. The clever progression of the track ‘Soul In TheMudd’ is the ultimate example of the above-mentioned fact. The uncertainty and musical urgency presented through the premise of this track is certainly blissful and worth spending time within. ‘Minin’ Diamonds’ is a unique soundtrack in a number of ways, not only due to its sound design, but the musical satisfaction offered through fairly minimalist and spacious soundscape is brilliant. Each section of this track has offered blissful artistry merged with enchanting bars and captivating beats.

Aint Nun New’ is another track from DDDon Jesus & PrettyBoy Valde that has moved from being good to great within seconds of pressing the play button, which has held the attention of the audience from beginning to the end. The expressive sound design has set this track apart from most of his release. With each revisit to their tracks, more fans have fallen in love with them, which is pretty evident due to the swagger and confidence that the artists carry with them. Audiences can listen to from tracks from the artists on SoundCloud and follow them on Instagram for more information.


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