Image Credits – Times Of India

Napoli is the winner of the Italian Cup after the team defeats their biggest challenge against Juventus. The match was engrossing for the spectators as they witnessed Napoli’s victory against the final opponent, Juventus on Penalties. Throughout the 90 minutes of the final match, both the teams could not secure a single goal and marked their fate with the penalties.

It was a hair-raising match that concluded with the penalty at the end as Napoli took the Italian Cup this season. Goo time was waiting to strike for GennaroGattuso’s players who scored 4 goals during the penalty shots. Wher as Danilo and Dybala could not change the fate of losing the match after they missed to throw the ball inside the net twice, they lost the match by 2 goals and left the ground heartbroken.

Napoli is the series A champion, winning Coppa Italia for the sixth time. They won the Italian Cup back in 2014. In 2014, they beat Fiorentina in the finals. But the success fell out shortly and for the past few years, they were down with bad performances and frustrations within the teammates. They had a rough time dealing with intense disappointment and revamping the former glory in the world of sports.

In the past couple of seasons, Napoli was so fragile a team that they would lose the match against the Turin team, Juventus even when they started off the matches leading the scoreboard.

But the last match changed the reality for the fighter-players of Napoli. This year, the team seemed strong and fierce. They were confidently controlling the positions and directions in the game throughout the intensified gameplay. Parthenopeans had many chances to have the ball in their court before 90 minutes but Gigi Buffon’s defensive tactics worked for the team to buy more time and nullified the masterstrokes of the opponent team.

Napoli managed to make the first two goals within two minutes of the penalty. Juventus got a few opportunities but they could not win goals because they missed the zeal of sports.

Winning the Cup was very important for Gattuso. He lost his sister a while ago who suffered from morbidity and passed away after getting treated several days in the hospital. It was a painful experience that impacted him in every way but the final match was a big win for him and the team to look up to something cheerful for a while.

But it was not easy to swallow the defeat of Ronaldo and the boys because Juventus grew tremendous supports over the years. They used to be the face of Italian champions and the fans were sitting quite confidently before the match started.

Maurizio Sarri messed up in the game that he should improve. If he does not watch out for the loopholes, the might suffer a big loss in the Serie A trophy. If they cannot get their form back, it will be very upsetting for the Old Lady fans.

It will in no time that we get to see Juve and Lazio are competing against each other for the winner’s prize in the upcoming Italian championship. There is a lot of fun in stores for us as the race for the silverware is about to begin.