New Mexico Music Artist LIL Z once again proves his phenomenal rhyming capacity through his rhythmically exuberant and lyrically refreshing track ‘Idgaf’.

Since the dawn of hip hop music, the genre has gone through some revolutionary changes and has come a long way acquiring fresher and better thematic elements giving birth to numerous subgenres. Establishing a name for himself with his unique and eccentric rhyming ability, talented rapper LIL Z has dished out his finest number ‘Idgaf’, produced by Beatz Era exuding charismatic resonating charm. The hard-hitting verse throw of the track delivered through his exuberant vocal dexterity ignites fire on to the stage. Challenging the conventional norms of the genre, the brilliant artist creates a perfect balance between the old school cadent and the modern groove grabbing the attention of the hip hop industry.

Determined to impart his incredible positive vibe into the hearts of his listeners, the New Mexico Music Artist also known as LvLzeze combines a nudge of funk into all of his classy compositions. The zesty flavor of his soundscape orchestrated through the perfect union between syncopated and boisterous chord arrangements and steady and energetic harmonic progression sets him apart from the crowd. Utilizing his hard-earned insights into the fundamental mechanics of the genre, he fearlessly experiments with diverse tonalities from various genres to create a symphony of absolute perfection.

Joining forces with music producer Beatz Era, LIL Z poured his hearts out to give his audience an experience of pure acoustic bliss through his latest single ‘Idgaf’. Riding on top of the pummeling beats, the thought-provoking lyrical wordplay conveys an empowering vibe impeccably executed through powerful symbolism. His naturally robust and husky vocal style outshines everything giving the verse delivery a retro nostalgic charm. Witness his breathtaking performance in his other outstanding works of art like ‘A new day’, ‘Ball out’ x Woo sosa, ‘Drugs’ featuring Woo sosa, and ‘Don’t Call Back’. To know more about his wondrous musical journey, follow him on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Instagram.

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