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The fascinating collection of the richest ingredients of the music industry in the track ‘Lets Start Over’ has enthralled the audience. Soaked within artistic brilliance and creative knowledge of the creator, this track has all the moments of musical urgency that is needed to make a track special. This is by far one of the most fascinating creations of the Houston music producer as each and every element has stood up to the expectations of the fans and helped in maintaining a fine balance between intensity and melody. This track will make you go back to the classic era and keep you confined within the magnificence of those times such as the impact cast by the work of Aurthor Ant.

The songwriting is also phenomenal here as the lyrics get stuck into the minds of the listeners and then slowly pulls them into the depth of awesomeness. The presence of the lyricism has made the entire premise more majestic and generated a flow that has made the soundscape much brighter. It is brilliance at the core of the music and certainly different compared to any other contemporary releases. Lets Start Over’ stands tall due to its superb production skills, as the tone gets set from the very beginning, and the beats sweep into the moment to keep a tight grip over the audience.

With each passing second, the audience gets to open new doors towards escapism that leads them to achieve musical magnificence. As a producer and songwriter, Aurthor Ant has always impressed the audience with tracks like ‘Call – Me’, ‘Let – Me – Take – Care – Of – You’, ‘Got Something For You’, and many more. All of these tracks have made the audience go crazy over his artistry, which is pretty evident from the response received from this latest release. Fans can listen to him on SoundCloud and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get connected.


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