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Players who have previously tried their hands on World of Warcraft are likely to remember when Fury Warriors used to be specialists in wielding two one-handed weapons at once. Added to this there was an optional talent-Titan’s Grip, which permitted them to take a small penalty to wield two two-handed weapons instead.

Both of them complimented different play styles, with One-handed warriors or Single-Minded Fury Warriors attacking much faster and were also a bit more mobile, but had less raw damage and weapons that used to be generally less powerful. On the other hand, Titan’s Grip used to be slower but did a bit more damage overall, and all other things equal.

However, unfortunately, as a part of the pruning that Blizzard did some time back, the ability to choose to wield one-handed weaponry was removed. The Titan’s Grip became natural with the Fury specialization, which means that the only way for a warrior to wield a one-handed weapon was to choose Protection, which focused on tanking instead of damage.

However, this was considerably san unpopular choice amongst the players as they lacked the option to play as whichever play style they want. This was made a bit worse from the fact that Arms- which was the third warrior specialization was based on a single two-handed weapon rather than two, which made it feel as if there was little or no choice left.

Blizzard Applies New World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Alpha Build, Bringing A Return Of The Single-Minded Fury Warrior. Thanks to Blizzard, who had announced that they shall be changing this decision with the Shadowlands alpha builds. However, this is far from the only change that they have made as they have recently announced that the Frost Death Knights would soon gain the ability to choose to wield two-handed weaponry again instead of being forced to dual-wield one-handed weapons which they currently are.

As it happened in the Shadowlands alpha build, the following abilities were added along with the rest of the changes to the warrior:

Single-Minded Fury: While the player dual-wields a pair of one-handed weapons, their damage gets increased by eight percent and their movement speed is increased by five percent.

Now with the Single-Minded Fury ability being added back in, the difference between the two is clear. The Titan’s Grip simply allows the dual-wielding of two-handed weapons that provide no other stat bonuses alongside the option.

On the other hand, the Single-Minded Fury, however, gives some other incentives as well. There is an increase in the movement speed, although extremely minor, they can make plenty of tasks easier, such as transmog runs through old content that the players can’t mount in.

The damage that has been increased by eight percent can also help close the gap between one-handed and the two-handed weaponry, which would further increase exponentially due to the much faster attack speed that one-handed weapons offer.

Overall it can be concluded that the Single-Minded Fury warriors are likely to come back as a faster, more hectic play style than the other slower and devastating damage that Titan’s Grip offers.