R&B is undoubtedly music’s one of the most celebrated genres, and to grace that platform with her sensible voice and flawless artistry, singer Xena East has marked her presence quite successfully. The Melbourne RnB Pop artist caps her creations with entrancing music and soft, subtle verses that define her creative flairs quite attractively. The singer has managed to make long-lasting impressions on the eager listeners of today with her voice that sounds so delicate yet so powerful when it comes to passion and feelings. With her nostalgic juices flowing freely across all her soundtracks, the singer has gifted the genre with some outstanding melodies that insist the audience revisit her songs.

Xena East Few examples of such songs are Be Your Girlfriend’, Can’t You See, ‘Tornado – Jay Chou (English Cover)’, and ‘Only Girl’. Blended with intricate tunes, soft rhythms, and guitar percussions, the singer lays bare her true and honest feelings for a guy whom she had loved wholeheartedly. Following heartbreak, she decided to pen down her memories and the learning’s and ended up creating some of the most melodic tracks the genre has encountered in the past few years. Her voice is her greatest strength which she uses most skillfully to portrait her visions. The artist is a transgender pop singer who loves to sing passionately and emotionally by upholding her genuine intentions.

Stephanie Laurens aka Xena East is half Vietnamese and half Chinese also operates her school and is a dog psychiatrist. Her talent is not limited to just singing but with an IQ score of 185, she is a Ph.D. holder as well. The singer had her heart broken by a boy, post which she started writing songs that describes her emotions and the pain she had encountered all this while. The feelings in her voice are flattering and fans can now listen to her creations on streaming platforms like YouTube. Catch up with her updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

To check out the songs of Xena East’s, visit the given link: https://soundcloud.com/stephanie-steffi-laurens