Gifted Singer Mayah heals suffering Souls with the Lyrical Means of her Rhythmically Opulent Soundscape

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The young and talented musician Mayah introduces the rock fans with her versatile musical therapy empowered by her unstoppable passion and fiery energy.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Sunshine Coast, Jul 1, 2020 ( – Refused to be bound by rules and measures of mainstream rock, the rebels of the genre has given birth to a new musical form called indie rock that asserts freedom to experiment with diverse sonic elements to voice their individuality. Promising musician Mayah presents her unique blend of rock, pop, R&B, and hip hop through her debut single ‘Endless Mistakes’ which is produced by Peter Koppes from renowned Australian band ‘The Church’. The song conveys the powerful message of healing and growing through mistakes breaking free of the torment employing eloquent verbal imagery revealing her incredible songwriting skill to the world.

Her next song ‘Butterflies (The Rush Inside)’ also produced by Peter Koppes exudes a brilliant earthy vibe consisting of diverse tonal influences from indie, rock, pop and hip hop forming a symphony of pure acoustic bliss which the artist refers to as soulful rock. The impeccable rhythmic cadence of the track charms the audience with a refreshingly unique melodic pattern exuding a sweet aroma of distinct nostalgia.

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Hailing from Sunshine Coast in Australia, the passionate singer-songwriter and performer utilizes her musical influence of Ed Sheeran, Adele, Newton Faulkner, Jack Johnson, and John Mayer to impart her vibrant positivity into the hearts of her listeners. Working under the production house Sleepwalk Studios, Mayah has gained a substantial amount of recognition and popularity with her finest creations ‘Butterflies (The Rush Inside)’ and ‘Endless Mistakes’. Join her on her Facebook page for her music live weekly on Friday nights at 7:30 pm AEST. 

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