The Renowned Musician Madam Misfit Redefines Electro Swing With Her Tracks

Album  Elixir of Swing

Madam Misfit takes the charge on her hand with her brand new album ‘Elixir of Swing’. The tracks of this track have channelized majestic musicality to the audience.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- London, Jun 30, 2020 ( – Taking artistic brilliance and creative knowledge to the extreme points of musicianship, Madam Misfit has presented a full-length musical collection that is provocative, delicate, and soaked within majestic musicality. Her latest project ‘Elixir of Swing’, under Electro Swing Thing Records has explored the world of rhythmic pleasure, which has enthralled the soul of the audiences. The introductory track ‘True You’ has provided just the right start to the album, setting up the premise from the very first moment. This track has stayed true to the flavor of the album that is ‘mischievous with a splash of absurdity’. Taking the introduced magnificence to a new height, the track ‘M.u.m’ just sweeps away the minds of the listeners. This is perhaps the best example of the sort of sound that the artist has been creating for so long.

An elevating soundscape gets presented along with a stunning sound design through the track ‘Feels a Little Strange’. The multilayered riffs portray musical urgency that none can resist. As the track progresses, the artistry of Madam Misfit becomes more recognizable. The melody and the care-free delivery have mad the entire arrangement much more bright and relatable. This eight-track musical collection reaches its zenith with the track ‘Time Travellers CharlesTon’. With this track, the entire arrangement feels complete as well as entices the audience to go through the album over and over. The album and all the other tracks of the artist are available on the platforms of Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Fans can follow the artist on Facebook, Instagram, and the official website.

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