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The versed shooting guard JR Smith finally makes the deal happen with Los Angeles Lakers. As Los Angeles Lakers and JR Smith Closing In On a Deal, the fans can hope to see the player to be a part of the new team for the entire campaign.

After you have heard about Cam Newton and New England having a deal to fix their terms of cooperation, the news of JR Smith joining the purple and gold can be the biggest story in the sports planet.

Los Angeles Lakers were looking for a replacement for Avery Bradley who brushed off the decision of playing in the restart of the season. Due to the massive decision, a void has been created in the backcourt. The team needed a new team member and that was what they thought too. They immediately had a word with Smith who had been on the pages of newspapers for a while because he wanted to get a befitting deal with the franchise from California. He would be seen in a workout session this February but Frank Vogel and his staff were focused on Dion Waiters, who signed a contract then.

Kendrick Perkins took to social media to spread the word with the post “JR Smith will be another Dwight Howard story for the Lakers!!! Carry on…”

Situations started to get under the weather for the Lakers and they signed the former NBA champion and the winner of the NBA Sixth Man of the Year award.

Smith was the diamond of the Cavaliers team. He played in four finals consistently and won the 2016 grand title. The final match was fantastic where the team recovered the loss of 1-3 in the series, making history in the NBA. Very few shooting guard players are currently in the scene and Smith is undoubtedly one of them, having the maximum importance on the roster.

Things have been topsy-turvy since LeBron moved to LA and Smith was disappointed with the unusual situations. The team was sinking towards the bottom of the Eastern Conference. He did not miss a spot to show his disheartenment publicly a few times and finally, he left the Cavs back in July 2019.

Though the deal is made between the Lakers and Smith, the players of Los Angeles Lakers are tensed about the NBA champion’s health. Smith is under severe training sessions along with individual workouts for the new season. The last time he was roaring inside the basketball court was in November 2018 for the last NBA game. This hiatus of almost 2 years can make things worse for the star player regardless of his qualities.

The Lakers need a player fit as a fiddle who will jump the very moment when the battle starts. It is a crucial time for them in the game as they are left with only eight games until the end of the regular part of the campaign. Then there will be playoff battles. Things are complicated in the West as many teams are potential enough to win the conference and reach the NBA Finals. Undoubtedly, such tension can keep the veteran player restless.