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Scott Baio has been fighting against some serious charges set against him for over the past two years. He was alleged to be involved with Nicole Eggert’s molestation. He was hit with the charges that he sexually misconducted with Alex Polinsky and Nicole Eggert when they were minors on the set of Charles in Charge. He has been claiming to be innocent over two years since January 2018. Though he was accused of such serious matter, he was never thoroughly questioned nor he ever needs to speak to the juries. He has been telling that he is professed with false facts and it has been a set up to show him as a criminal when he actually hadn’t been convicted of a crime. Many people over the past couple of months have tried to convict him in the court of public opinion without any justification or proof. It has been two and a half years since he started this fight for his life and reputation, finally, he has found something that can show where the winds lay. Scott Baio Releases Audio Files — Says They Prove Nicole Eggert And Alex Polinsky Set Him Up. This evidence can prove his innocence and the false charges Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky have made on him.

He has recently shared some audio recordings of Alex Polinsky that shows back in October 2017, when all the cast members of Charles in Charge were moving to the Chiller Theater Expo, a set of underhand plans was being set against him. The plan was “Takedown Baio” and it was based on all the allegations that Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky made against him for sexually molesting them and how they would expose him publically with the immoral charges. They used the onset of the Me Too movement and used the devious plot against him.

Alex Polinsky later said that no one from the same show publicly did. Scott Baio has pointed finger at Nicole Eggert’s dubious story of harassment and how frequently changed her statement. He even showed the proof that Nicole was not a minor when Charles in Charge ended. He has come up with footage where Nicole was found saying that she had consensual sex with Scott Baio and then she again gave a different story.

The court of public opinion is not quite sure how to put up things but the audiotapes have opened a new door to this investigation. After listening to the audio files and reading an article published by Scott’s PR man, Brian Glicklich, more people are supporting Scott in this case.

Nicole Eggert hasn’t taken the blow so easily as she has also revealed a statement on Facebook where she again professed Scott Baio of further abusing her by presenting the audio recordings and through Brian Glicklich’s article that they say was the result of two years of investigating Nicole’s and Alex’s claims. Nicole will soon come up with more statements against what Brian Glicklich and Scott Baio have produced.

In the audiotapes of Alex Polinsky, you can clearly hear Alex saying about Nicole being a “liability” as he discussed her integrity below.

She clearly mentioned in the records that Nicole Eggert thought people would believe her #fakemetoo lies.

As soon as Baio has released the recordings, Nicole Eggert has made her Twitter account private. Although, Alex Polinsky has not said a word yet about the chaotic revelation of the audiotapes about Scott Baio’s accusations.

While presenting Brian Glicklich’s article, Baio called Alex Polinsky and Nicole Eggert both liars for forging false charges against him. Brian Glicklich addressed Nicole Eggert’s FB statement in his amended article that you may see below.

He has slammed not only Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky for the fake accusations but he also rebukedDr. Oz. he said that Eggert had so many holes in it, she never should have been on the program.