There have always been hints of rap and rock fusion in the sound of Fractal PhantomsThough the structure of the tracks has been gentle, yet the production has always magnified the impact. Their tracks have consistently impressed the audience and prompted them to re-listens. Their tracks have redefined the direction of the genre. One such track that reflects the greatness of the creators is Phantom Limb’. Taking the modern-day rap sound and merging it with eclectic bars and bewitching hints of musicality, this track is the representation of an unforgettable melodic journey. Featuring a subtle blend of traditional and modernized ingredients of hip hop, this track is a pure sonic delight for the fans.

Another track that has brightened and intensified things up through every bit of its fragments is Mentality’. The structure is not heavy but melodically enthralling, designed with a vibrant backdrop and enticing soundscape that envelopes the minds of the listeners through its hypnotic verses. The voice is pretty recognizable and gets more intense with each passing bar, introducing a thread of awesomeness that can captivate anyone. The track has injected groovy vibes into the atmosphere through its musical depth, which has led to the greatness of it. The entire thing feels more intense and charming as the track progresses.

Melodic riffs run through the veins of the tracks, along with fascinating chorus sections that stand out the tallest. The bars of these tracks shine brightly throughout, with the key synths making an appearance amidst the premise. Tracks like ‘Vast Existence’ and ‘Indica’ portray the musicianship and artistry of the creators. More such tracks have been crafted by Fractal Phantoms that have always kept the audiences hooked. The stunning structures of such tracks have led to the huge success and garnered a huge audience. You can listen to the other tracks on SoundCloud and follow Phantoms on other online platforms.

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