Stony SOS has charted out slick tunes of modern-day rap in the brilliant and entrancing number ‘Slime’

Stony SOS

Stony SOS has etched out brilliant beats at bone-crunching speed in the track ‘Slime’. It is a majestic display by the Philadelphia rapper that is phenomenal.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Philadelphia, Jul 22, 2020 ( – Pubs are buzzing with songs belted out by Stony SOS who has charmed the audience all the way. He has captivated the psyche of the audience with thrilling beats in the track ‘Slime’. The ripping track by the Philadelphia rapper has mesmerized the fans all over. The young rapper has touched a lot of glories and earned a lot of accolades at the age of 24. He has made a noble appeal through his chartbusters and craved for freedom. He hopes that everybody gets a chance to express and fulfill their desires and shout their lung out in the open asking for those things. One can log into his Facebook profile and glance through his shared updates.

The vivacious number Slime‘ has chilling beats that have been impressively crafted by Stony SOS. The bounce in the track is uplifting and rejuvenates the listeners. There is a crunching simplicity in the flickers of instrumentation. The unwavering passion of the singer has reflected in the immaculate touch of brilliance by the singer. He is amazed by global icons like Lil Wayne and also been impressed by Young Thug. The latest pictures and videos by the singer can be viewed by logging on to his Instagram handle. To listen to the popular numbers by the singer, one can log on to popular music streaming apps like Soundcloud.

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The track has its unique flow that is embellished with mumble in the rap brought in by the prolific rapper. The cash register has started to ring for the singer who has impressed with his stunning swagger. The independent musician is sans any production house but has formed a club named ‘The Stoners Club’. He will be coming up with the release of his upcoming single that is titled ‘9’. The music videos by the singer can be watched on major trending platforms like YouTube.  

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