Xena East

With the songs of the rising Melbourne RnB Pop artist Xena East, you realize that the world is not close to what your wish-granting factory would look like but still you can see the magic if you have faith in yourself. The fans of the upcoming transgender pop star are in cloud nine as she has dropped all the new pop records and this time, these are all wrapped in the mature reflections of her heart. She astounds her SoundCloud followers by playing acoustic guitar by her side skilfully and stitches her broken heart with sweet and euphoric melodies. Flash Light is one of those invigorating tracks that helps one to cheer up for all the possible consequences and enjoy every moment like a guiding gold flicker through the dark.

Xena East has a successful youtube channel as well where she posts some video blogs and features of her successful career as a well-known dog trainer/psychologist. She has taken 10 steps forward to let the world know that understanding a dog’s psychology is very important to complete the missing portions of love and care. She encourages people about pets’ healthy habits and therapies that she believes to be a major part of the pet and owner’s relationship. She has even shared her journey of becoming a part of the Australian LGBTI society and her transformation with her voice feminization surgery on her channel.

She posted a very famous cover of Billie Eilish’s popular song titled Everything I Wanted – Acoustic sung in her unworldly vocal that expresses her disappointments and pain that run through her veins after a major heartbreak. Before July, she made an independent record with equal efforts called ‘Dream Girl’ that revealed her soft and retentive side. Her songs are the only way to understand the storm and the quite rainbow she has kept in her heart whimsically. Follow her Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter to know the latest happenings in her creative mind.

Please visit here to listen to her songs on Soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/stephanie-steffi-laurens