Aurthor Ant

With the brand new release Lets Start Over’, the renowned producer has introduced a passionate and creative presentation of hip hop music that has engaged the listeners. The decidedly authentic and entrancing flow of this track has helped in its immense fame across the globe. Underneath the structural development of the track, the production skills of the Houston music producer Aurthor Ant have enthralled all. Transporting the listeners to the classic period of musicality, this is the kind of track the embraces the best of the lot that the genre has to offer to the audiences. One can never get out of the impact cast by this track by the talented artist Aurthor Ant.

Through this collection of enchanting ingredients, the track has been designed with fine use of delicate melody, which has allowed the structure to develop into something great and majestic. ‘Lets Start Over’ is a rhythmically dense musical project, which has brought in some of the most exquisite ingredients to the table. This track without a pause delivers a sound design that is clearly capable of seducing the musical senses of the listeners. No matter what genre 7ou prefer, you will not be able to get rid of the ambiance generated by the presentation of this track.

Contrasting musicality has been well used in the track, which has stood out for its intimacy and connectivity. The dash of instrumentation provided at the halfway marks has introduced packets of music flavor that have reflected an outburst of energy. Aurthor Ant earned a huge name for himself with the release of some amazing tracks like ‘Call – Me’, ‘Let – Me- Take – Care – Of – You’, Got Something For You’, etc. These tracks portray his professionalism and enchanting creativity. All of these tracks are currently streaming of the digital music platform SoundCloud. Get in touch with him through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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