Young Xo

The musical contradictions and diversities all come together in a blissful course of creative purposes as many artists deliver their individualistic takes on themes and topics. The lyrical engagement through a dramatic musical arrangement in upcoming artist Young Xo’s soundscape is providing the audience with some of the most intense hiphop experiences of the current times. Amalgamating contemporary musical virtues with that of old school deconstructions, his new songs, ‘Demon Time’ in creative collaboration with Cullen has open the scopes for the cultural and creative evolution of hip hop. The song is beautifully classified into the streams of musical aspects along with thematic linearity providing the song with lyrical structure.

YXoThe Tennessee rapper has just started out with his career but is rapidly gaining a name in the extant circuit of hip hop. The song, ‘Demon Time’ is a lyrical spontaneity that he accurately articulates with his undulations of vocal and rhythmic abilities. He has defined his soundscape with some of the best creative outspokenness of hip-hop that has resulted in an engaging lyrical saga through the entirety of all his songs. Some of the other songs that elevate him to the degree of artistic senses are ‘Zombie’, ‘Dance’, ‘Vibes’, and ‘Make ah scene’. From the songs’ lyrical beats to the rhythmic encapsulation, they show promise and potential of someone who is ready to emerge as a breakthrough artist in the years to come.

The musical and lyrical sense of Young Xo allows him to experiment with sounds and arrangements with more insight and wisdom. Associated with the label The Bedroom, he is only making a sound stream that would contribute substantially to the collective growth of the genre. If you are ready to indulge in the contemporary musical formats of hiphop, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify.

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